Positive Self-Esteem
Curiosity & Choice
Personal Empowerment  Meaning & Engagement 
Effective Communication          Maturity & Integrity
Healthy ConnectionsPeace & Contentment

Low Self-Esteem
Negative Relationship Patterns
Change & Uncertainty
Destructive Behaviors
Childhood Abuse & NeglectTrauma

"The purpose of our lives is to be happy"

~ The 14th Dalai Lama

I work with individuals from ALL walks of life, always with respect and sensitivity. 

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Barb taylor, LCSW

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​Together, we can build a path toward...
​​​Together, we'll develop ways to help you manage emotional issues, clarify your values, identify your strengths, and align your goals with desired results.  I will support your efforts to meet life's challenges, step fully into your power, and create your best life. Through this process, you can develop and achieve your own personally defined "meaningful life."

certified gestalt therapist